We are leaving home for a handful of days and this morning I wanted to get a picture of the cherry tree in blossom.  I do this every year now for the 15 years we have been living here.  I thought about the maple trees and the camellias and all the other things surrounding the house. The thought of this being our house brought up other thoughts.

While much paper work and surveys  and money changed hands and signatures galore were written, it is only our house in the collective sense.  We are temporary visitors.  We happen to live here.  Our “stuff” is inside (for now).  Lightening, wind, water, hurricanes and such do not recognize the contractual agreements we have made.  Our own government has the power to do as they please with our house should they so desire.  The ants and mice and bugs who come in to find food and shelter and the animals in the trees and ground have been coming here for a long time.  (ants arrived on the scene about 140 million years ago) 

So is it our house?  Whose house is it?