Giving Art | Practicing the Art of Giving


There are no hard and fast rules.  Working together we will create what is best for us and for those who benefit from the process.

Thousands of images every week go by our eyes.  In decades gone by, the print was king.  Without a print, there was no image.  Now, electronic images on devices are the norm and the print is frequently never seen  or touched.  A print alters the experience.  It changes and enhances the relationship to an image.  The image on the screen becomes a photograph.


I have several goals with this project.  One involves my “photographic legacy”.  What will happen to all these images and photographs?   I’m being proactive.  I’m sending my babies to live with you!


Another goal is to share what I feel when I make a print and hold it and look at it.  It is good!


Finally, there is the giving and sharing.  Practicing giving will help us all.  For some of us this is nothing new but for others we might be nervous novices who need help.  We practice together at our personal level of experience.  Practice the art of giving.

FAQ’s (not really.. nobody has asked any questions yet)

Can I get a print of any of your images?  – Probably.  I’ll be mentioning in my blog posts what I have ready to go.  Custom requests may take longer.

Are your prints really worth anything? – Right now.. not so much.  On the other hand, a simple twist of fate could change everything.

Who pays shipping?  -I do.

How many prints can I get at one time?  -Depends.  We will discuss the details.

What type of prints do you make? – Pigment on paper… Modern professional grade inkjet printers on very nice paper.  I also make a limited number of Platinum-Palladium prints.

What size prints can you make?  – I can make prints up to 22″ X 17″ but shipping would be quite costly so the majority of prints will be in the range of 8 X 10, 11.5 X 8.5, and some 11 X 14. 

Do you shoot digital or film? – both, but currently almost exclusively digital


How to Contact Me:

My e-mail address is found lurking about the top of the page.  E mail please.  I’m not on facebook and not likely to be on Instagram.  I’m not going to put my phone number on a website for fear of even more robo-calls.