Giving Art | Practicing the Art of Giving

I will be giving away photographs.
I have hundreds of prints I’ve made and I will enjoy making more.
I want you to have some.


Have you tried to sell photographs these days? I want what I make to be owned and loved and touched and seen. So I’ll give them to you.


I’ll mail them. Deliver in person when possible.


You don’t. You never send me any money. No credit card numbers. Wait a minute… there must be a catch! – Yes! There most certainly is. That is where this comes in: Practicing the Art of Giving

The Art of Giving Process

Let’s say I have a set of 8 X10 prints of widgets. You love widgets and you have seen the digital images and would like those prints to love and cherish.

Based on some formula not easily calculated with any accuracy and known only to me, I decide they are worth something. I convert that something into something else… maybe cash, food, clothes, good deeds… that you will then give to someone in need. (a hungry or homeless or a person in need).

You receive your beautiful 8X10 prints suitable for framing.

You will know in advance what you will have to give and there will be no time limits on when you have to do it.

How do you check up to see if I made good on the deal?

I don’t. I know you will.

What if I just want to pay you?

You can’t. Because you can’t Practice the Art of Giving buying from me.

Photo Collections

Practicing True Love

Practicing True Love : a 3 day mindfulness retreat at Claymont CourtDownload the pdf file for a pleasant viewing on your electronic device or send me an email to request prints. 

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Words + Pictures = Blog

Trees in the Wind

This weekend has been windy with a cloud covered sky and scattered rain.  The wind makes for interesting long exposure tree pictures.  For this self portrait standing next to the maple tree for a 40 second exposure, the tree shows us it is very much alive...

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