On the Eastern Shore of Virginia the main road is Highway 13.  Many passing through never leave it.  There is a well known book written by a now deceased local author, Kirk Mariner, titled “Off 13”.  In the book are descriptions and stories of places that can be seen when leaving 13.  (highly recommended… the book and leaving 13)

Some months ago I became aware of pictures I’ve made of dead and dying landmarks along 13.   I decided I needed to make more and photograph these places before they are gone for good.  I call them “On 13”.  They are a reminder of days gone by.  Sometimes I think of them as eyesores and other times works of art.  This current image is what remains of the the Owl Restaurant and Motel in Accomack County.

How to get this in Print:

Send me an email and your mailing address.  I’ll send you an 8 X 10 or 11.5 X 8.5 print as well as a few extras.  You will agree to give a bottle of water and a cookie to someone outside your local connivence store who appears to be in need of water and a snack.