I’ve been walking about a 3 mile circuit 3 times a week at a local Nature Conservancy area named Brownsville.  On my walks I’m collecting pictures.  Photographic assets.  Each time out I seek out what I know as well as new places.  I go back over and over to certain trees or vines to see how they look in the light of that day.  How do they look wet compared to dry?  Early sun vs late sun or sun vs. shade.  Other places I’ve been going will be inaccessible once the spring weather arrives and underbrush and thorny vines will lock off the area till next winter.  This is one of the images I collected today.

How to get this in Print:

Send me an email and your mailing address.  I’ll send you an 8 X 10 or 11.5 X 8.5 print as well as a few extras.  You will agree to give a bottle of water and a healthy snack, maybe an apple, to someone outside your local connivence store who appears to be in need of water and a snack.