This is the title for a boxed set of fine art prints I’m giving to the Eastern Shore Literacy Council for auction at a yearly event.  They host a spelling bee yearly for perhaps the last 10 years.  Teams of two are selected and win bragging rights only.  Typically the contestants are well known in the community so that helps attendance.

I’m going out on a limb and creating something a bit different than the usual single print that shows up at auctions like this.  Anyone who knows how much it costs to have a print professionally framed are going to think twice about buying a large single print.  Prints in this set are on 8X10 fine art matte paper and are intended to be touched and held while viewing.  There are about 12 prints and they tell a story.  

In our electronic image age the print is quickly fading as the preferred way to view pictures. It has been posited that electronic images are not photographs.  I agree.  A photograph is printed or made on a substance that can be touched.  The texture of the paper and reflective qualities are quite different than emitted light from a device.  In addition, devices are becoming smaller so it is likely that more images are viewed on smart phones than any other method.