Sunday is the last day of the week according to my schedule which has Monday as the first workday of the new week.  It is a good point to measure days.  

I was outside doing yard work on this damp cold day.  I managed to pick up sticks and rake leaves.  There was some fire to burn the sticks and leaves knowing it was really all about the fire. With a large sycamore in the back there are still plenty of leaves for composting and covering the garden in the coming weeks.

There is some clumsiness with writing a blog again.  I haven’t found my voice yet and I have many notions of directions to take.  Good news is – I’m not worried where it will go.  It will go when and where it needs to go.

This tree lives at the edge of a seaside tidal marsh creek.  There is little protection from the elements and it has found this shape in response to wind and tides.  

Let us learn to bend and twist and live with the forces that threaten to uproot us.