It was stimulated by a book I read about the photographic history of America and how it was presented in two very different ways. There was the Life and Look magazine track that was staged and carefully selected to present the best to the world and then there were the reality images of dust bowls, war, poverty, reservations and racism. For many the “American Dream” was an illusion. Clearly there was an effort to create photographic evidence to present to the world and show how wonderful it was to live in America while other photographers were out and about documenting a different side.

American Dreams

I can imagine the first owners and tenants of these houses on the day they moved into a newly constructed home. There were likely many positive feelings along with house warmings and backyard bbq’s. Discussions about future successes were probably common.

If you look deeply you can see family old and young passing through the doors and peering out windows. Kids are in the yard running and playing games. Maybe you can see yourself or your family and ancestors.

Time passes and impermanence is the rule. What is left are some American Dreams.